Saturday, April 12, 2008

talking of overnight changes

My last blog entry reminds me of what my bank (Sampo bank) recently did. They were recently bought by a Danish bank and as part of the integration process, the e-banking system of Sampo was replaced by a stupid system that Danish bank had been using. The biggest problem with it is that it doesn't work on every machine, not even all i386 running windows. The result was that a large number of customers moved there money to other banks. Fortunately for me their system do work on this Linux laptop I am using to write this blog entry but my 64-bit desktop is another story. :( According to Riku Voipio, the problem is that they are using some 'native code' in their JAVA applet, now how pathetic is that. These kinds of things happen when a bunch of no good managers with no (or not enough) technical knowledge make decisions about technology behind closed doors.

To add to my agony, their cross-border money transfer has some problems too and if I knew that I would never have used bank-to-bank transfer as the method to send money to my mother for her chemotherapy. I had to call my ex-boss to talk to his friend who works in the destination bank and he just told us that the Bank's branch number/name wasn't conveyed to them.


Ta bu shi da yu said...

"Danske Bank CEO apologises for botched Sampo IT migration"

"Mr Staarup added that Danske's executives could not predict the problems as similar operations after other acquisitions had proceeded smoothly.

He was quoted as saying that the problems came about as a sum of a number of small things going wrong."

What a bunch of gooses.

ijaz said...

today, for the first time I read your blog posts and quite sad to hear about mother. I pray from Allah for her quick recovery, ameen.

I am living in Helsinki for couple of years now and strange that I only heard/read about you now at a blog ..although I know a few khattacks here already :)