Tuesday, June 17, 2008

tracker dep will soon be dropped

This is just to inform everyone that I do realize that a hard dependency on tracker is not the way to go and this is just a temporary measure. I am writing a gstreamer/gio based metadata extractor as we speak. Although I'll try my best to get this done before GUADEC at least, it might take longer since I do this on my spare-time (something I don't have in abundance).

Disclaimer: I am not against tracker and I *will* keep the current tracker-based media source (as a plugin), though i might need to drop that as a temporary measure for while until i get the plugin system implemented.


Anonymous said...

We reinvent your own meta-data extractor? Doesn't sound very sensible to me.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a good path would be to abstract metadata extractor and share them between Gio and «trackers» (I include beagle and all the others) then to make a metadata extractor for Gio that can piggyback on the trackers if one is found, no ? Trackers would just become a cache for metadata extractors.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure I know exactly what you need. If it is only the extraction part then I guess it is not entirely insensible to do what you are doing, if you also need searching then why not use xesam-glib?

In passing I should note that we will at some point look into defining a shared metadata extraction framework in Xesam, but we already have a ton of stuff piling up so don't hold your breath. I guess this also means that you are doing the right thing in just writing your own (sad but true)

Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri said...


You could also consider a lightmediascanner (http://lms.garage.maemo.org/) plugin. It's very light, I wrote it for Canola2, thus Nokia devices, but it should run fine in other places, including desktops.

Most of the media parsers do not depend on external libraries, that's the case for mp3, jpg, png, asf and few others. That makes it very small and fast.

Today it just provides 2 process scan (master/slave), to make it safe against broken parsers and media (corrupted vfat/jffs/... might hang your device, lightmediascanner will kill the slave process and restart from the next file), but I plan to provide single-process and 2-thread as well in near future.