Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rygel the GNOME UPnP Media Server

I am pleased to announce that gupnp-media-server project has been moved to GNOME SVN under the new name, Rygel. Currently it's a basic implementation on top of GUPnP and Tracker but I'll be putting a lot of time and love staring from next week to turn it into a very great project. Special emphases will be put into making it fit the UPnP needs of GNOME.

This would be a very good time to convince me to implement all the features you would want to see in a UPnP Media Server so I can add them to my TODO file. :)

UPDATE: While updating the jhbuild moduleset, I found out that rygel isn't buildable with latest vala/bindings. I'll try to correct the issue(s) tommorrow so don't panic if it doesn't build for you. It's just the demo effect. :)


Anonymous said...

1 idea would be to have a upnp server treat a video_ts folder as a single entity, and have client software be able to play it as though it were a dvd.
Another feature would be the ability to add metadata to such a folder

Anonymous said...

This project looks very promising :)

Here are several use-cases which I'm waiting for in other upnp-servers I've tested.

1. expose "customizable folders" by any tag. I have all my music synced to musicbrainz, so I'd like to have it searchable by year, label, artist, album, album-artist or country.
2. flac-transcoding with seeking to ps3
3. expose covers
4. expose podcasts

1. expose "folders" based on tags from f-spot/flickr or other services

1. expose dvdbackups as mentioned in the above post
2. expose mythtv-recordings and/or dvbdaemon-recordings
3. expose dvb-channels with live tv (as a recording with a delay)

zeenix said...

Thanks for the ideas/wishes, I've put them on my TODO list. :)

- JojoMan said...

yo zeshaan you are pathan? way cool if you are bro...

För SJ ur tiden said...

This is exactly the kind of project I've been looking for. I have tried to build in Ubuntu 8.10 but the upnp libraries are too old. Will jhbuild install updated versions of the libraries or do I need to go with another distribution?

zeenix said...

Will jhbuild install updated versions of the libraries or do I need to go with another distribution?

Yes, jhbuild will do the trick since I use it for development of rygel myself. There was a problem with latest vala last night but Jurg will fix it today.