Sunday, December 28, 2008

Rygel and DVB

I had been working on adding a DVB plugin to Rygel lately so that people can easily watch TV on all their UPnP-capable Renderers without having to swap DVB cards around (people typically have one). Although I had finished the basic version of the plugin 1-2 weeks ago, the live streams never worked for me. Yesterday, I realized my mistake (wasn't handling the dynamic pads from the gst source element) and when i corrected that, here is what happend:

There are still some issues to fix, especially the artifacts that happen because RTP headers are not getting stripped off when Rygel proxies the RTSP stream over HTTP but I am hopeful I'll be able to fix them soon.

UPDATE: The artifects issue i mentioned above has already been fixed in the trunk so now you can enjoy a smooth live tv experience. :) Also! before you ask, no this doesn't work with PS3 yet (most probably because of some missing metadata in the DIDL-Lite fragments).


whisperer said...

I am currently trying to stream dvb via rygel/uPnP and this project of yours sounds realy promising! Can you please provide a download link and installation instructions for your dvb-plugin?

zeenix said...

wow, did you notice the date on the post? :) this was years ago and I haven't been doing any UPnP or multimedia work for 3 years now. You should ask on gupnp irc or rygel list.

whisperer said...

Yeah, I did notice that it is an old post, but I was hoping that your plugin still works with rygel and is somewhere available ;-)

So far I couldn't find any non comercial project that does live dvb streaming over uPnP. I will ask the guys on the IRC channels you mentioned, but I think that I will have to write my own Rygel or Coherence extension in the end. It would be realy great if you could update this post and give some hints or explain the generel idea on how to stream dvb over uPnP (in case you still remember :-D )?

Thanks for your reply and help

zeenix said...

I think you shouldn't conclude anything before asking the right people about it. The plugin was removed because dvb-daemon started to support the general D-Bus interface so we didn't need a special support for it any more. I'm pretty sure that code is still there. Maybe its not been tested lately and therefore broken? In which case, filing a bug might help.