Monday, January 19, 2009

Rygel 0.2 is out

Rygel 0.2 is out. Here is the release announcement:

The major change after last release (as gupnp-media-server) is the introduction
of a simple yet powerful plugin-based architecture/api: Everyone plugin:
- is loaded into a separate MediaServer instance.
- can implement any kind and number of resources (currently only services).
- can export an icon file.
- inherit it's ContentDirectory implementation from a base class that does most
of the UPnP-related work. More improvements on this planned for next release.
- use an intuitive API to easily export media from URIs and live GStreamer
source elements over HTTP.

Other changes:

- Relicense under LGPL to allow proprietary plugins and ease of moving code
from/to gupnp libraries.
- DVB Daemon integration though a plugin. Now you can watch live channels from
your PC on your PS3 for example.
- Test plugin that exports one audio and video item, streaming contents from
GStreamer's audiotestsrc and videotestsrc elements respectively.
- Better interoperability with Sony playstation 3.
- Announce unavailability to UPnP world on exit.
- Loads of other improvements.

Download source tarball from here:


Pete said...

What is Rygel? Where is a link to a project page? I'm guessing if I don't already know then I won't care, but these nebulous update posts always befuddle me.

zeenix said...

Thanks Pete for pointing in out. I was very tired when i wrote the blog entry to forgot to put the link. Anyway! it's fixed now.