Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We got thumbnails

I got thumbnails working in Rygel. :) Right now rygel doesn't generate the thumbnails on it's own but provide thumbnails if already generated by another application (e.g nautilus) and stored in the freedesktop or maemo (they are almost the same) standard location. It works on both desktop and N900 and now that gupnp stack has been released, a rygel release with this and some other cool features will arrive shortly. :)

Now it's very easy for me to find the videos of my friends.


James Henstridge said...

Is there any reason why you reimplemented the thumbnail lookup code rather than using the standard glib thumbnail lookup like my patch did?

You are already using the GFile APIs, so why not just look up FILE_ATTRIBUTE_THUMBNAIL_PATH?

zeenix said...

james, the only reason is that i am trying to support both the fdo and maemo thumbnailers. The latter being the prefered one since it is DLNA compliant. We could discuss on d-d-l to try to change the specs for our purpose and then we can do it the way you want it to be done.