Thursday, February 18, 2010

Regarding meaning of life

Back in the days when we were losing a lot of good souls to "World of Warcraft", I used to say to myself "Losers, there's so much in life to enjoy and so much to do to bring Free SW on every machine out there.." and promised myself that I'll never even try any MMORPG.

About a month back, Rene came over to me carrying a German game magazine and showed me a comparison of the upcoming MMORPGs based on Star Trek and Star Wars. Now I can resist all games but a chance to live the life of a Star-fleet officer? No way!

So I started playing Star Trek Online last month when it was still in beta and got into it. Soon I pre-ordered the game for and life-time subscription (that also allowed me to play a freed Borg character).

Now when I say "I got into it", I don't mean I am playing for hours and hours everyday. It means I play maximum 5 days a week and for 1-3 hours only. Anyway, here is a nice picture taken by Ekaterina while I'm fighting off a Gorn ship:

UPDATE: Forgot to mention that I have a key that should allow a month of playtime and I am willing give it out for free to a friend. :) So let me know if you want to try it out.


Anonymous said...

On Windows? Wine? Native?

zeenix said...

Unfortunately, it doesn't work on wine yet so I have to use windows. :(

jorge said...

Captain of your own starship? You're living the dream, don't let anyone tell you different.

Anonymous said...

And, what's the link with Gnome's planet?

zeenix said...

> And, what's the link with
> Gnome's planet?

Read the button of p.g.o: "Planet GNOME is a window into the world, work and LIVES of GNOME hackers and contributors."

Since this is related to my life & I am a GNOME hacker, this is very much planet gnome material.

Joseph said...

No Linux version? :(

Guess they don't need my money then. (If you want Linux versions of games, you gotta put up with not playing them. Of course, they're *entertainment*, so you're not trading freedom for a little temporary security, but rather you're trading freedom for a little temporary entertainment!) I don't buy Windows-only games for precisely this reason.

Joseph said...

"put up with not playing them if they're Windows-only"

More caffeine is clearly called for. :)

Anonymous said...

You look a bit like this guy :)

Anonymous said...

I was on the #STO IRC channel and some Cryptic (developers of STO) guy was quite into Linux and mentioned trying to see if he could get it to run under Wine, so there's hope it will at some point run under there.

Anyway, I do find STO pretty awesome, if only because of the percentage of geeks you run into in-game :p

Haukur Ingi said...

If you still have that key, I would like to give it a try :)