Saturday, April 3, 2010

Introducing Zhaan

I mentioned this cool guy Zachary Goldberg in my blog and in my talk before. While I mentioned his name in regards to his efforts to making sure GUPnP glues nicely with gobject-introspection and is usable from Python, he went much further than I expected and made a cool new UPnP control-point for N900 based on GUPnP in Python. He named it Zhaan (another character from Farscape in the spirit of Rygel).

Some mandatory screenshots:

You can check out more screenshots/specs of the project and follow its status here.

There are many people out there making cool UIs but they end-up using wrong tools and/or re-inventing the wheel so its nice to see someone doing cool stuff but the right way. :)

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Anonymous said...

That's awesome you're using Farscape names! I just completed watching the whole series on DVD. Havent seen it since it originally aired. My girlfriend is a complete non-geek, but she got hooked on the show after a couple episodes and is in despair without it now! And I showed her your Rygel project and she thought it was awesome that you used Farscape names, too. Aawesome! :-)