Thursday, June 15, 2017

Help me test gps-share

For gps-share to be useful to people, it needs to be tested against various GPS dongles. If you have a GPS dongle, I'd appreciate it if you could test gps-share. If you don't use the hardware, please consider donating it to me and that way I'll ensure that it keeps working with gps-share.



Daniel A. said...

Do you accept hardware donations? Any wishes? Please add a wishlist and mailing address to the repository or on the project wiki on GitHub.

zeenix said...

Hi Daniel, I do but due to my new job and move to another country, I'm not sure if I'll be able to make use of them anytime soon. I got myself a Navilock device some months ago and I haven't even started looking at adding support. I should still add a mailing address.

zeenix said...

Actually I'm reluctant to put up my home address on a public place. Maybe send me email to request it so I've a trail of who I've given my home address to? :)