Monday, November 12, 2007

Playing video on ClutterTexture

I thought this would be an easy task and should be doable in a weekend but seems I wasn't completely correct in my assumption. What I did was to try to modify the super-oh example application to make it render frames from videotestsrc element of gstreamer, instead of the OH logo (no offense OH guys). For some reason the animation stops after I render the first frame. All I get is a static image like this:

My hunch is that I am just missing something small here so if anyone have a clue, please let me know. Here is the source.

I know that using fakesink's handoff signal isn't the recommended way to do this but I'll concider writing a cluttersink after I get this simple app. working.

UPDATE: I've been informed about the existance of ClutterGstVideoTexture and ClutterGstVideoSink by Emmanuele and Ross. Looking at the sources, I think I'll need to hack on it to support YUV (if it's available). That shouldn't be a problem but I would also want to try to implement this trick to bring hope to poor ATI grahics card users like me.


Emmanuele said...

zeenix, have you seen clutter-gst, with ClutterGstVideoTexture and ClutterGstVideoSink, right? :-)

zeenix said...

I have seen clutter-gst package and i have it installed but never knew what it offers as `gst-inspect-0.10 |grep clutter` doesn't show anything. Wouldn't it be nice to install these elements as normal gst elements in a plugin file? Also the clutter-gst docs are empty. Anyway! i'll look at the headers now, which is what i should have done already. :)

Matthew Allum said...

@zeenix: "Wouldn't it be nice to install these elements as normal gst elements in a plugin file?" - could you send patch for that, I wasn't aware you needed to install anything for gst-inspect to pick it up. Patches to docs always appreciated too - though the is really not that much to it public API wise.

Also there is some YUV support but YMMV. Would be interesting if you can integrate that referenced mailing list post.

Thanks for trying out clutter!

zeenix said...

Mallum! I already intend to provide the patches you mentioned and I will if time allows but just for the record, I didn't mean any offense. Just that my english isn't good enough for me to be successful in my attempts to sound polite. :(