Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanks Murray

I couldn't have said it better. What made me really pissed is his lying tactics. I once mentioned on the gnome foundation ml about me waiting for his replies for more than an year (literally) and I got a quick reply from him telling me that he has sent me replies. I believed him (after all he is the director of gnome foundation), assuming that his mails must have ended up in spam folder for some reason but all of a sudden my spam filter started see his mails as not spam. After a little conversation, he promised to put my hackergotchie on the planet and after that I started to receive complete silence from him again. I send him reminders from time to time but I never got any response (it's been 2.5 months now). I am sure, he'll tell me that he has been sending me responses if he reads this blog entry or if I make it an issue on the gnome foundation ml again but I see no reason to believe his word anymore.

P.S. If the 'reply-to' header of an email only contains the addresses of the receivers only, I won't blame my spam filter to treat the email as spam. :) I notified Jeff about this and this was his reply:

>>P.S can you please set the correct reply-to header in your emails.

My client does what it's told to do.

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