Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Istanbul story

Time flies and it's already been a few days that I am back from Istanbul. It was a lot of fun. Great presentations, discussions and hacks in the mornings and Shisha and beer in the evenings.

Had lots of discussion with a lot of people about GUPnP, how it can be used for UPnP integration in GNOME and what features they would like to see in gupnp-media-server. My talk went pretty well and this time the demo really did work on the wireless network available at that time. :) The only issue was that it was scheduled at the same time as the Lightning talks and because of that only a few (~10) people could attend.

Talking of talks, my favorite was Michael's talk about Moonlight. There were many other nice talks as well like Quim's BoF, where he nicely explained Nokia's relationship with Open Source world in general and GNOME in specific, and OH people's talk on Clutter and the cool new features in Clutter 0.8.

There was a big debate going around on git vs bazaar. Although I was on git's side myself, I couldn't help but appreciate how reasonable the bazaar advocates/developers were. I had a lot of discussion with them and bombarded them with lots of straight questions. Unfortunately, I felt that I failed to convey my concerns about bazaar and how they (my concerns) can not just go away by simply me trying out bazaar myself.

Regarding next year's GUADEC/Akademy on one hand, I am very sad about Tampere's bid to be rejected but on the other hand I am really glad that it'll be in Canaries. Before you get me wrong, I don't think Galicia would have been less than perfect spot either. One thing that many people don't know about Canaries is that it's "the" vacation spot for Finnish people. So if you look even a bit Finnish or hanging around with Finnish (looking) friends in there, don't be surprised if the locals start to talk to you in (very broken) Finnish. :) Seriously, I am speaking from experience. So much for keeping GUADEC away from Finland. :)


Unknown said...

gupnp is absolutely brilliant! I was just sitting around thinking to myself "Self, why don't we have a a Sonos Controller for GNOME?" and then I downloaded gupnp and blam! Instant Sonos controller software.

You've done 99% of the work for me. Thanks a billion!

zeenix said...

.. and then I downloaded gupnp and blam! Instant Sonos controller software.

Sounds really cool! Though I don't know what Sonos is. :)

You've done 99% of the work for me. Thanks a billion!

Thanks! Glad to be of serice. BTW 90% of the gupnp library is written by Jorn Baayen. I have mostly done things on top of gupnp.

Anonymous said...

Hey Zeeshan,
What exactly are your concerns? do you think you can elucidate now?

zeenix said...

What exactly are your concerns?

The bazaar advocates/developers admitted that bazaar will never be as fast as git and also that it does use a lot of memory, which is not surprising since it's completely written in Python. I simply don't want > 40MB of my memory taken up by the VCS.

I asked them if there is any possibility of having something like libgit (a C library) in the near(ish) future and they didn't look excited about the very idea. This is important for people who don't like python or prefer to code in other languages and would want to integrate the DVCS we choose for GNOME into other apps (e.g IDEs).