Saturday, July 19, 2008

Trouble with gmail and

I hadn't been getting replies to any of my mails to o-hand dudes but I just thought they are either on vacation or just too busy doing more important stuff. Yesterday I caught Matthew on IRC and it turned out that he did reply to my mail(s). I became a bit worried and searched my "Spam" and "Trash" to see if it ended-up there for some reason but i didn't find them there. I got a bit worried and looked into the archives of o-hand hosted mailing lists that i am subscribed to. It turned out that I haven't been able to receive any mail after 10th of June from mail server.

Getting really worried, I hit the "Help" link in gmail. Turns out that I can either go through a stupid automated troubleshooting procedure that didn't help at all or I can post my problem to a discussion forum that is sometimes visited by the gmail admins but mostly they assume that your problem will be solved by a user. I did post about my problem there but since this morning I am unable to find that forum anymore. Err..

I don't know on which end the problem exists but if you are reading this mail and you work at either o-hand or google, kindly investigate this issue.

UPDATE: I figured out the issue. Eric created this cool looking "" alias for me once and I had been advertising that all around. Turns out that I even used this alias/redirection to subscribe to (o-hand) mailing lists. I subscribed to clutter ml using '' address and I instantly got the messages from the list. I'll write to Eric in hope of getting the lost mails but I must stop using this alias/redirection no matter how cool it is.

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Anonymous said...

Ever since spammers have started to abuse backscatter (bounce emails etc), and sysadmins everywhere had to suppress it, email has become completely broken. It used to be you could trust email to be delivered or bounced. Now you have no way of knowing. Somebody needs to reinvent email properly.