Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Claudio has bad memory

Claudio has bad memory so here is my feelings about both of these places in my own words:

  • Meritähti: I really like that place, nice food in a very affordable price. Also it is very near to our office, which makes it the first choice to go to for a meal before we hit another bar for good beers. However, it is most definitely not the best restaurants or bar in Helsinki. Not even one of the best ones. There are lots of very excellent restaurants in the city but of course they charge a lot more.

  • Molly Malone's: That is one of the best bars in Helsinki, lots of nice beers, nice friendly atmosphere and live concert every evening.

BTW, Bastien just committed my patch to nautilus-sendto trunk that adds support for sending files to UPnP Media Servers. I've only tested in against Nokia N81 and Media Server provided by Intel tools for UPnP but it should work for most of the Media Servers that support uploading.

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Claudio said...

You had to make a telenovela out of it :-)