Wednesday, October 7, 2009

GUPnP 0.13.1 released

GUPnP 0.13.1 is out!

Release log:

Changes since 0.13:

- Use unix context manager if NetworkManager service is not available.
- Fix some minor leaks.

All contributors:

Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) 
Ross Burton 

Download source tarballs from here


Nathan Myers said...

I confess that, despite following all your announcements on Advogato, and doing some cursory googling, I have not yet succeeded in figuring out what Rygel or GUPnP are. I can't even tell whether this makes me an idiot, which itself I suppose means I am. I do believe, though, that I am far from alone in my idiocy, and that millions of others are equally benighted on this topic. Perhaps you could enlighten us a fraction, using one-syllable words, frequent, broad gestures, and some sort of colored slide-projector presentation? (A made-for-TV docu-drama will probably not be needed, but who knows?)

zeenix said...

I don't know what constitutes an idiot but if you are really interested, you would read-on about "UPnP" and "DLNA" on wikipedia at the very least. Googling a bit, I find some other good articles explaining UPnP with nice colorful pictures. Hope that gives you some pointers.