Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rygel 0.5.2 released!

Rygel 0.5.2 (Crackers Don't Matter) is out!

Another release in the unstable 0.5.x series. Changes since 0.5.0:

- Add support for Xbox 360 and Window Media Player 11.
- Add support for subtitles. Currently only useful for certain Samsung DLNA TVs.
- Add Windows Media Video (WMV) transcoder.
- Add unit tests for a few modules.
- Fix some (potential) crashes.
- Make database operations cancellable.
- Throw error on database creation failure.
- Simpler (hopefully) build rules.
- Fix race-condition in streaming code so we don't terminate the connection
  before all the bytes are sent to the client.
- Fix leaking of HTTP messages of live streams on termination.
- Fix 'Content-Length' header values for partial requests.
- Fix parsing of search expression containing characters not within the original
  latin1 range.
- Use bigger (64Ki) buffers when streaming media to reduce cpu usage and
  therefore improve battery life.
- Include spec version in description document.
- Remove now unneeded work-around for vala bug#568972.
- Advertize photos with their specific class, i-e 'photo' rather than 'image'.
- MediaExport:
  - Implement search by URIs.
  - Implement search by album.
  - Error-out on invalid search expression.
  - Add support for virtual containers. This allows creation of metadata-based
    hierarchies in the user-config.
  - Fix deletion of containers.
  - URI-escape meta-data fields.
  - Catch previously uncaught exceptions.
  - Fix upgrade of database from older schemas.
- Lots of code clean-ups and documentation fixes. 
Dependency-related changes:

- Require gupnp >= 0.13.3.
- Require gupnp-av >= 0.5.5. 
- Require gupnp-vala >= 0.6.5.
- Require valac >= 0.8.0.

Bugs fixed in this release:

608886 - media export plugin corrupts its database when you change directories
609944 - Files not harvested on update
606305 - Samsung subtitles

All contributors to this release:

Jens Georg 
Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) 
Cyrille Chepelov 

Download source tarball from here


Andrew Walton said...

Pure genius on the release name ;)

fizze said...

I'd like to play with rygel, but I'm stumped in getting it to compile using jhbuild. Is that still the recommended method? If so, any pointers would be welcome.

I've got a headless NAS box that I want to run rygel on.

zeenix said...

> Is that still the recommended method?

It was only recommended for developers, not users. If you build from source tarball, most (not all) of the deps should already be available from your distro.

fizze said...

My mistake, when I say "play" I mean "develop" ;-)

Are the jhbuild config files and whatnot in git?

zeenix said...

fizze, the config file is your personal thing so its in your home dir. If the latest jhbuild release has broken moduleset for rygel, i'm afraid you'll have to use jhbuild from git as well but i'm not the maintainer of jhbuild so i can't really be responsible its releases. :) I do fix rygel/gupnp related issues there so please do let me know if you find any issues in jhbuild from git master.

Celeste said...

This is great!