Monday, October 3, 2011

Helsinki GNOME 3.2 release party

If you happen to be in Helsinki tomorrow (Wednesday) evening, don't forget to drop-by at Kaisla to celebrate the awesome GNOME 3.2 release with us. Not only you will get to hang-out and have beers with other cool people in town but also get to try out GNOME 3.2 on a tablet. If you have never been to Kaisla before, this is one bar you must visit if you are interested in beers as they have a rather decent collection of beers from different countries.

See you tomorrow at 8pm there!

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Björn said...

I don't life in Helsinki so I can't come to the release party but I wish you a lot of fun!

Out of curiosity. On which tablet do you run GNOME3.2? I'm also thinking about buying a tablet but I don't want a crippled smart phone OS but a full featured GNU/Linux system. Until now I couldn't find a device where I'm sure to be able to run GNU with GNOME3 in a comfortable way regarding performance, hardware support etc.