Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Introducing libosinfo

The first release of libosinfo is out!

What is libosinfo?

libosinfo is a GObject based library API for managing information about
operating systems, hypervisors and the (virtual) hardware devices they can
support. It includes a database containing device metadata and provides APIs
to match/identify optimal devices for deploying an operating system on a
hypervisor. Via the magic of GObject Introspection, the API is available in all
common programming languages with demos for javascript (GJS/Seed) and python
(PyGObject). Also provided are Vala bindings.

libosinfo is Free Software and licenced under LGPLv2+.


  • Required:
    • gobject-2.0
    • gio-2.0
    • libxml-2.0
  • Optional:
    • gobject-introspection
    • Vala (build-time only)






Johannes said...

I guess you didn't do that just for fun so what is that used for at the moment?

jb. said...

I tried to configure libosinfo but it says 'package 'check' not found'

What is check and where do I find the source for it?

BTW calling a package check is insane. Googling gave me 530,000,000 hits!

zeenix said...


'check' is no longer required in latest release, unless you enable tests. Don't know where you get the source of it (the package name on fedora is check-devel) and the name was definitely not chosen by me.