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GUPnP Release announcements

GUPnP Tools 0.2 =============== This release features Network Light, a UPnP-enabled software-based light bulb that provides Switch Power and Dimming services, as defined by UPnP forum as 'DimmableLight v1.0". It is mainly intended to be a simple example of a UPnP device based on GUPnP, and a demonstration of simplistic yet powerful GUPnP API. It can also be used to debug generic and DimmableLight control points. Changes to Universal Control Point in this release: - Use of gtk stock icons wherever appropriate. - New cool icons from Lapo Calamandrei, licensed under GPL - Use icon from the Device, if available, to represent it. - Subscribe to services, by default. - Ability to copy&paste details and events. - Lots of code cleanup and refactoring and misc fixes. GUPnP 0.6 ========= - Added service signal autoconnection feature in the spirit of glade_xml_signal_autoconnect(). [Zeeshan Ali] - Fixed various bugs related to object destruction. Fixes #500, 503. [Jorn Baayen] -
DAAP vs UPnP MediaServer While I believe that Lennart's work on free implementation of Apple protocols is very important for the wide-spread acceptance of free software, I fail to see any fact(s) that could support his claims like "I believe that DAAP is the superior protocol in comparison to UPnP MediaServer". When he was visited our office for his presentation on Avahi, he claimed that Zeroconf is better than UPnP itself, his argument being that Zeroconf uses simple ASCII text files and that makes it much more compatible with other Internet protocols, while UPnP uses XML (corrections welcomed). Here are a few points for him to consider: UPnP is much more than addressing and discovery: Zeroconf defines standards for the addressing and discovery of services on a network but do no define any means for description, control, event notification and presentation. While this allows the services to choose any mechanism for any or all of these, the point being that UPnP itself is