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Rygel 0.6.0 (The Way We Weren't) is out!

Rygel 0.6.0 (The Way We Weren't) is out! This release marks the start of the new stable release-cycle. Changes since 0.5.2: - Localization: - Fix translation framework. - Mark all (possibly) user-visible string for translation. - Use more translator-friendly language. - Provide comments for translators. - Correctly case abbreviations. - Translations: - German (de) 100% - Slovenian (sl): 100% - Spanish (es): 57% - Fix time-seeking. - Fix a potential race-condition in aborted HTTP requests. - Don't stream if request is for subtitles. - Use bigger (64Ki) buffers when streaming from gstreamer source element. - Remux only if transcoding is not needed. - Configuration option for specifying plugin load path. - Add configuration from Environment. - Fix port specification through commandline. - Add and expose Rygel logo. - Pause streaming pipeline when/if client isn't reading fast enough. - Add more unit tests. - Use - Add missing libuui