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GUPnP Media Renderer 0.1 released

- Initial release. This is a reference implementation of the UPnP MediaRenderer version 1 device type, written in Vala. For rendering it uses the video widget from libowl-av . GUPnP Media Renderer can be downloaded here

GUPnP Network Camera

This is the announcement of the GUPnP Network Camera project, an implementation of the UPnP Digital Security Camera specification , based on GUPnP. The GUPnP Network Camera package contains applications that enables V4L cameras to be shared on the network as UPnP devices, and control point software for controlling and viewing images from such cameras. The software can be downloaded at:

Some facts

Regarding my last blog entry , I thought I should get some things straight: I am not a native english speaker so sometimes it's hard to choose the right words and sometimes this leads to confusion. Fortunately! I try to learn from my mistakes and comments on my blog entries really help me in that. I've been a big fan of Ubuntu ever since the project started and have been (and still) am a very happy Ubuntu user. In fact I was having the usual Ubuntu is better than Fedxxx debate with him the other day when Karl told me of this. Also I am writing this blog entry using Ubuntu. Disregarding what someone said about Ubuntu, I truely appreciate their work and efforts for Free Software and especially GNOME in specific. The world would be a much worse place if Ubuntu hadn't existed. The motivation behind this blog entry was not 'anger' but 'disappointment' being an Ubuntu user and advocate myself. Regarding the discussion between Mark Shuttleworth and Karl-Lattimer ,

Shame Ubuntu shame

I am no more a fan of Ubuntu. The reason is their recent demonstration of lack of community spirit. Here is the release announcement of Ubuntu hardy alpha6. If you scroll-down you can see the gnome-system-monitor's new cool "Resources" view featured with a nice screenshot. Since Karl-Lattimer worked really hard to make this happen, he asked to be given personal credit on that page. Don't know about others but I see this as a very reasonable thing to ask. The result of this request can be seen in the announcement of hardy beta. They just removed the feature from the announcement. Shame Ubuntu shame. UPDATE: It's interesting how most of the comments that are from people who got pissed without actually caring to understand the main point of this blog entry (which me and Karl-Lattimer tried to emphasize in the comments) are posting as Anonymous. :) Acknowledging the possibility that they might not think comments are worth reading before commenting, let me make it c

Git vs Bizaar/Bazaar

I will spit my vodka in your eyes if all you come up with is speed WTF? If you can't compete on a very important (to me at least) point, you don't want to listen? Git (especially if you use git protocol) is so fast because they first sorted out the basics and design right and then worked on the UI. Git is not just faster but tons of magnitude faster than bizaar. I used to think that 'speed' is irrelevant in this context but when I started to use Git, I realized how important it is for me as a developer. Also the stories of learning curve of Git are extremely over-exaggerated. For example, i recommended Git to a darcs user (who was pissed at darcs taking hours do clone a repo) and after three hours he came to thank me for that. I was surprised to see how quickly he learnt it but then realized that if you just give a bit of information how it's different than other VCSs out there before a newbie actually starts to learn/try it, he/she finds his way very easily into

I am not Zaheer

Zaheer and Zeeshan, though has lot of alphabets common are still two separate names. :) I always took it as a joke when people used to confuse us but recently someone was about to give my money to Zaheer and that i think is serious. :) Good that that dude got my IRC nick right, otherwise...

A day in a finnish summer cottage

I had been hearing stories of Finnish summer cottages ever since I moved to Finland but never got a chance to spend some time in one, until yesterday when we went to spend a day/night at the summer place of Suvi (a good friend of Ansku) in a forest not so far from Tampere. It was really lovely to be there. I am now really looking forward to spend the last week of July in Ansku's summer place , which I've heard is even nicer.

gupnp-vala 0.1 released

Initial release of gupnp-vala. Includes Vala bindings for the whole gupnp stack: * gssdp-1.0 0.6.1 * gupnp-1.0 0.12 * gupnp-ui-1.0 0.1 * gupnp-av-1.0 0.2.1 - Requires Vala 0.3.3 - custom GUPnP types (like GUPnPURI) are not supported yet, use plain strings instead. Custom type support will return shortly in svn version.

tracker dep will soon be dropped

This is just to inform everyone that I do realize that a hard dependency on tracker is not the way to go and this is just a temporary measure. I am writing a gstreamer/gio based metadata extractor as we speak. Although I'll try my best to get this done before GUADEC at least, it might take longer since I do this on my spare-time (something I don't have in abundance). Disclaimer: I am not against tracker and I *will* keep the current tracker-based media source (as a plugin), though i might need to drop that as a temporary measure for while until i get the plugin system implemented.

GUPnP developer tools 0.6 released

network-light: - Remove the unneeded periodic notification to susbscribers. [Zeeshan Ali Khattak] - Create a new UUID for each instance of network-light. [Hugo Calleja, Zeeshan Ali Khattak] - Use the new gupnp_root_device_new() API. [Jorn Baayen] universal-cp: - Display the device presentation URL [Ross Burton] general: - Fix `make distcheck`. [Zeeshan Ali Khattak]

GUPnP-AV 0.2.1 released

- Correct function prototype. Fixes #940. [Jorn Baayen] - Include the glib header to satisfy vala-gen-introspect. [Zeeshan Ali Khattak]

GUPnP 0.12 released

- Add tool for generating convenience C wrappers for GUPnP service definitions. [Ross Burton] - Remove xmlDoc argument from gupnp_root_device_new() for simplicity. (xmlDocs can still be passed to gupnp_root_device_new_full()) [Jorn Baayen] - Better documentation, new tutorials and sample code. [Ross Burton] - Improved support for Accept-Language header. [Jorn Baayen] - Various internal improvements. [Zeeshan Ali, Jorn Baayen]

gupnp-media-server now written in Vala

I finally managed to port all the existing C code to Vala. What did i achieve from this exercise? For one thing, the code got much simpler, with LOCs being reduced from 2101 to 1117 (46.8 %). Also this proves that (at least the server-side) GUPnP's Vala bindings are already in a stable/usable state. Special thanks to Jürg Billeter , Ali Sabil and Jussi Kukkonen for their continuous support during this exercise and for quickly fixing bugs that I reported.

OHMan unleashed