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Rygel 0.2.2 is out

Changes since 0.2: - Use the new (0.6.9) Tracker API. - Priority of gio-based streams are based on requested DLNA transfer mode. - GIO-based/like asynchronous plugin API. - Adapt to latest changes in gupnp-vala API. - Serialization of media objects isn't done by media objects themselves anymore, but by a new separate class, Rygel.DIDLLiteWriter. - Internal API is marked 'internal' so it doesn't get to our (Vala) API. - MediaObject now derives from GLib.Object. - Generic AsyncResult implementation, SimpleAsyncResult. - StateMachine interface that all state machines classes implement. - Visible performance improvements in Tracker plugin by proper use of Tracker APIs. - Use Filename.to_string() and therefore make Bastien happy. - Require lastest version (0.1.5) of libgee to use List.slice(). - Don't limit the number of objects returned to a client, let it decide that on it's own. - Proper handling of update notification to the client by use of a very simple bubble-

GSSDP 0.6.4, GUPnP 0.12.6 and GUPnP Vala 0.5.3

GSSDP 0.6.4 released New in this release: - Send ssdp:byebye before sending the first ssdp:alive. [Jussi Kukkonen] - Moderate the outbound SSDP messages. [Jussi Kukkonen] - Documentation fixes. [Jussi Kukkonen] - Send byebyes in dispose without sleep. [Jussi Kukkonen] - Use g_set_error_literal(). [Jorn Baayen] - Depend on glib 2.18. [Jorn Baayen] - Do not byebye unavailable resources. [Jorn Baayen] - All resources must respond to "ssdp:all" messages. [Hugo Calleja, Jorn Baayen] Download from here: gssdp/gssdp-0.6.4.tar.gz --------------------------------- GUPnP 0.12.6 released: New in this release: - Port to FreeBSD. [Romain Tartière] - Ship the XML files needed for example app. [Romain Tartière] - Keep a reference on the control-point during signal emission. [Sven Neumann] - Allow passing NULL to ControlPoint constructor, for default resource factory. [Sven Neumann] - Remove debug output that accidentally went in with the last commit. [Sven Neumann]

Writing Rygel plugins

While I had been trying my best to make sure writing Rygel plugins is easier than frying eggs before my FOSDEM presentation, I was quite disappointed about how the presentation actually went. I thought I simply lost everyone in there by the end of th presentation and didn't get to make a very good impression. But seems the ease of writing Rygel plugins didn't go unnoticed in that presentation after all since I happen to catch the attention of at least one developer, Jens Georg who is working on two plugins for Rygel and you can follow the progress on his blog .

Geek Humor

I was poked by a Salvatore Iovene, a very good friend and colleague from time to time to have a look at his comic series . I always thought I should have a look at it as it might be good but then I used to forget about it. Today he poked me again (this time when i was sitting in front of a computer) and I did have a look at it. Oh boy! this is some really great stuff. If you like Geek Humor, I strongly recommend it. Some trailor: