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Rygel 0.3 (Berlin is cool if it doesn't rain) is out

Rygel 0.3 (Berlin is cool if it doesn't rain) is out! Here are is relase announcement: Brief summary of changes since 0.2.2: - Transcoding from any format (that gstreamer's decodebin2 can handle) to mp3, linear PCM and mpeg transport stream containing mpeg 2 video and mp2 audio. - Plugin API to deal with user preferences. - User preferences UI: rygel-preferences. - New plugins: * Folder: Recursively exports folders specified in the user preferences. * ZDFMediathek: Exports online media from 2nd German TV station. * External: Exports media hierarchies provided by external applications through implementation of this spec: The first application that utilizes this feature is PulseAudio. - Drop xbox support. It didn't work anyway and we better concentrate on implementing standard stuff that it at least worthy of being called "UPnP" ( at least for now). - Tracker and DVB plugins are only loaded if their corre

GUPnP Tools 0.7.1 released

Changes in this release: - Use g_printerr() instead of g_critical() in case of problems. - Initialize the GError to NULL at declaration. - Declare variables as const to setisfy the compiler. - Add missing casts. - Use g_content_type_is_a() to compare mimetypes. - Correct the order of mimetype check. - Iterate over item resources rather than renderer protocols. - Port all UIs to use GtkBuilder. - Bump-up Gtk+ requirement to 2.16. Removed dependency in this release: libglade. Contributors to this release: Sven Neumann < > Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) < > Download tarball here: gupnp-tools/gupnp-tools-0.7.1. tar.gz