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Joining Collabora

Last Thursday was my last day at Kinvolk . While Kinvolk is a great company run by very nice and talented folks and I really hoped to work there for a very long time, unfortunately it turned out to be not the best fit for me. While I am sad to leave, I am also very excited to join Collabora in their multimedia team. Today is my first day there. Since Collabora does not exist in Germany, I will be working for them as a consultant and had to register my own one-man company. Yes, I will be staying in Berlin and work from home. I have known Collabora from its very early days, when it was just a few developers with a vision and passion for Open Source. I also worked very closely with Collabora over the years during the good old Nokia Maemo/Meego times. I always had great appreciation for their work and commitment to Open Source, which is a huge challenge for a consulting company. While I do not yet know which specific projects I will be involved in at Collabora, I'm most likely