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Rygel 0.4.8 (Till the Blood Runs Clear) is out!

Here goes the release log: A bug-fix release in stable 0.4.x series to fix seeking in general and playback for clients that always seek (Sony PS3). Dependency-related changes: - Require valac >= 0.7.10. All contributors to this release: Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) Download source tarball from here .

GSSDP 0.7.1 and GUPnP 0.13.2 released!

GSSDP 0.7.1 released! - Don't leak target regex. - Make GSSDPClient ignore Point to Point interfaces. - Use SO_REUSEPORT if present. Darwin and some BSDs don't have SO_REUSEADDR, but SO_REUSEPORT. - If we can't create a request socket don't try to create a multicast socket. - Have specific GError code for interfaces without an IP address. - Actually remove gssdp_client_new_full(). Bugs fixed: 1898 - GSSDPClient keeps autoselecting my VPN 1810 - Not possible to run multiple ssdp clients on darwin 1800 - leak of a gregex in gssdp-resource-browser 1796 - gssdp_client_new_full is declared in header but not implemented All contributors: Olivier Crête Ross Burton Iain Holmes Mattias Wadman Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) Download release tarballs from here GUPnP 0.13.2 released! Changes since 0.13.1: - Utilize libconic (Maemo5) if available. - Unix context manager must signal the unavailibility of all contexts when disposed. - Enable silent build rules if they are