Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rygel 0.7.1 (Home on the Remains)

Rygel 0.7.1 (Home on the Remains) is out!

A new release in the current unstable 0.7.x series for upcoming GNOME 2.31.4

- Implement DLNA's 'AnyContainer' upload extenstion. This allows clients to
  upload items without having to specify target container. Currently it only
  works for the Tracker backend.
- Report types of items that could be created/uploaded in a container and allow
  clients to search containers by this property.
- Port last bits of C code to Vala. Now Rygel is completely written in Vala.
- Make Rygel build/work against both current stable and unstable Vala releases.
- Offer SD transcoding in EU profile. Seems certain Sony Bravia TVs only
  support EU profiles. With this change, they should at least be able to use the
  SD transcoding.
- Two more unit tests.
- Provide default configuration for WMV transcoding.
- Correctly handle boolean commandline option for disabling WMV transcoder.
- External:
  - Port the external plugin to use the new D-Bus MediaServer specification: The new specification is meant
    to be very generic and scale well to large media hierarchies.
  - Make use of search API when implemented by the external application.
  - Various other performance improvements.
- Preferences UI:
  - Improve resize behavior.
  - Add missing bevel to URI tree view.
  - Replace GtkVBox by GtkVButtonBox where appropriate.
- Localization:
  - Added Punjabi Translation.
  - Updated Norwegian bokmål translation.
  - Updated Galician translations.
  - Updated Spanish translation.
  - Updated Hebrew translation.
- Various non-functional improvements.

Dependency-related changes:

- Require gtk+-3.0 >= 2.90.3.
- Require gupnp-av >= 0.5.7.
- Require gupnp-vala >= 0.6.7.

Bugs fixed in this release:

593628 - mp2ts transcoder not working with certain Bravia TV models.
596214 - URI table is missing bevel.

All contributors to this release:

Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) 
Eric Anderson 
A S Alam 
Fran Diéguez 
Jorge González 
Kjartan Maraas 
Yaron Shahrabani 

Download source tarball from here

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bridging UPnP Networks

As part of this years Google Summer of Code, Sunil Ghai (a student from India) has taken-up the task of securely bridging multiple UPnP networks across the internet. You can follow the progress of the project through Sunil's blog.

Before you say it, yes! I did get the idea from my "competitors" but unlike them, we are going to do it the (UPnP) standard and efficient (as usual) way.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

GUPnP 0.13.4 & GUPnP AV 0.5.6 released!

GUPnP 0.13.4 released!

Changes since 0.13.3:

- GUPnPService should remove all handlers installed on the shared SoupServer
  instance when it is disposed.
- Fixate subscription timeout to be 300s as per DLNA requirement (
- Correct type of action argument of GUPnPService::action-invoked.
- Remove redundant copying of GValue content in a few places.
- Handle multiple variables inside property node in event notifications to be
  compatible with server-side implementations using older GUPnP
- Fix syntax of event notifications with multiple properties.
- Add/fix gobject-introspection annotations for various functions.
- Some non-functional improvements.

Bugs fixed in this release:

2084 - Add scope annotations to various functions
2131 - GUPnPServiceAction is a boxed, not a pointer
2086 - Fix gtk-doc format on all functions in public GUPnP API

All contributors:

Sven Neumann 
Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) 
Zach Goldberg 

Download source tarball from here

GUPnP AV 0.5.6 released!

Changes since 0.5.5:

- Optimize namespace handling in DIDL-Lite handling code.
- Hide internal function gupnp_didl_lite_object_new_from_xml().
- Remove new redundant gupnp_didl_lite_container_new_from_xml(). 
- Free the array allocated by xmlGetNsList().

All contributors to this release:
Sven Neumann 
Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) 

Download source tarball from here

Friday, June 11, 2010

Roommate for GUADEC

I am looking for someone to share a room with in a hostel/hotel in Hague during GUADEC. If you are interested, please send me a mail.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Rygel 0.7.0 (Picture if You Will) is out!

Rygel 0.7.0 (Picture if You Will) is out!

This release marks the start of the new unstable release-cycle. This is also the
release cycle that will be integrated into GNOME 2.31 (and 3.0 eventually).
Changes since 0.6.0:

- Exit on failure to load any plugins in 5 seconds.
- Add icon to preferences UI's desktop file.
- Correct error on missing 'Elements' node in 'CreateObject' action from client.
- Advertize upload features in 'X_DLNACAP' in device description.
- Remove comments from description files as per DLNA requirement (
- Don't allow comments in DIDL-Lite from client either. This is to satisfy the
  DLNA Confirmation Test Tool rather than DLNA itself.
- Don't advertize unimplemented actions.
- should create m4 directory if it doesn't exist already.
- Correct Icon path in preferences UI for uninstalled case.
- Specify on debug log where rygel is currently looking for plugins.
- Localization:
  - Don't translate all strings in media-export plugin.
  - No need to translate Mediathek plugin.
  - Add Hebrew translation.
  - Add Swedish translation.
  - Add Czech translation.
  - More Spanish translations.
  - More Slovenian translations.
  - More German translations.
- MediaExport:
  - Fix search result. Search was returning the the result for the current
    limits, not the overall result count. This lead to strange behaviour on
    e.g. XBox 360.
  - Optimize searches. Noticable speed improvements on XBox music browsing.
  - Fix broken SQL query to get object by path.
  - Remove redundant custom tag for duration.
  - Make harvesting of metadata optional.
  - Re-enable simple mode which means we exporting media on the UPnP network
    even if no meta-data extractor is available.
  - Remove redundant URI table from database.
  - Work around a problem in GStreamer element playbin2.
  - Explain the term 'harvest' for translators.
  - Many non-functional improvements.

All contributors to this release:

Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) 
Jens Georg 
Andrej Žnidaršič 
Daniel Nylander 
Fran Diéguez 
Jorge González 
Mario Blättermann 
Petr Kovar 
Yaron Shahrabani 

Download source tarball here.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Part of GNOME 3.0

The decision for inclusion of modules into GNOME (3.0) just came-in and proposal for Rygel was approved. \o/ Now I better get it working. :)


So last saturday I got married to this amazing woman I've been in love with for the last 3 years of my life. Except for the start of the wedding (when I was extremely nervous) I enjoyed the whole event a lot. That includes the bachelor's party that my awesome friends threw me 2 days before the wedding. Here are some pictures worth sharing, the first one being from Bachelor's party, as you can guess:

Although many people helped in different ways, three people that deserve the most appreciation are Timo (my best man) who arranged the Bachelor's party, Anna Haukka who was the main official photographer and Tiina Taxell (Bride's maid). Also special Thanks to Edward to arrange some important things before the wedding and Christian (also my best man) for bringing Edward so early in the morning and the rings. :)

One of the weird things about my wedding was that it brought many hackers from all around Europe to Helsinki for a few days. :)