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Rygel logo v2

So based on comments received on the Rygel logo in the last blog entry , Klaus did some adjustments and came-up with even more improved version: 256x256: 32x32:

Future of Rygel

While you can follow the progress of Rygel through the release announcements on my blog, mailing-lists and even git log, I feel that I am not providing enough information about the future plans. Also there are some things that are not (or so far have not been) in a shape to be part of a release so here is some of what is coming: Logo I've been looking for an artist to make me a nice logo ever since the start of the project. A few artists gave it a try but they didn't succeed in creating anything worth showing to anyone. I couldn't possibly blame them since: Its not very clear to everyone what Rygel is and I suck at explaining things. Its hard to represent it even when you learn what it is. So what happened was that I told Sebastian that I was so jealous of his new logo , he asked Klaus to attempt to do the same for Rygel. He did and after a bit of talking and him trying different ideas, we finally agreed on this: 64x64: 32x32: 16x16: Some people like it, s

Rygel 0.5.2 released!

Rygel 0.5.2 (Crackers Don't Matter) is out! Another release in the unstable 0.5.x series. Changes since 0.5.0: - Add support for Xbox 360 and Window Media Player 11. - Add support for subtitles. Currently only useful for certain Samsung DLNA TVs. - Add Windows Media Video (WMV) transcoder. - Add unit tests for a few modules. - Fix some (potential) crashes. - Make database operations cancellable. - Throw error on database creation failure. - Simpler (hopefully) build rules. - Fix race-condition in streaming code so we don't terminate the connection before all the bytes are sent to the client. - Fix leaking of HTTP messages of live streams on termination. - Fix 'Content-Length' header values for partial requests. - Fix parsing of search expression containing characters not within the original latin1 range. - Use bigger (64Ki) buffers when streaming media to reduce cpu usage and therefore improve battery life. - Include spec version in description document. - Remo

GSSDP 0.7.2, GUPnP 0.13.3, GUPnP AV 0.5.5 & GUPnP Vala 0.6.5

GSSDP 0.7.2 released! Changes since 0.7.1: - Provide gobject-introspection GIR and typelib. - Use silent build rules. - Fix issues with version-independence magic in SSDP code. - Fix build issues in jhbuild environment. Bugs fixed in this release: 2025 - fails to find autoconf macros when they're installed in a non-standard location 1927 - gssdp fails to answer M-SEARCH sometimes 1921 - GObject Introspection Makefile for GSSDP All Contributors: Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) Zach Goldberg Jens Georg Neil Roberts Ross Burton Download source tarball from here GUPnP 0.13.3 released! Changes since 0.13.2: - Include the Content-Type header in the HTTP messages. This satisfies DLNA CTT test cases and - Use g_message instead of g_warning if we can't connect to DBus. - Make the HTTP server listen on the context's interface only. - Fix some potential crashes in GUPnPServiceProxy and GUPnPContextManager code. - Fix build issues in jhbuil

Introducing Zhaan

I mentioned this cool guy Zachary Goldberg in my blog and in my talk before. While I mentioned his name in regards to his efforts to making sure GUPnP glues nicely with gobject-introspection and is usable from Python, he went much further than I expected and made a cool new UPnP control-point for N900 based on GUPnP in Python. He named it Zhaan (another character from Farscape in the spirit of Rygel). Some mandatory screenshots: You can check out more screenshots/specs of the project and follow its status here . There are many people out there making cool UIs but they end-up using wrong tools and/or re-inventing the wheel so its nice to see someone doing cool stuff but the right way. :)