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If you have been looking for a better reason to go all the way to Brussels to attend FOSDEM , look no further; I'll be presenting GUPnP there. :)

GUPnP news in c't

Recently the c't magazine mentioned our dear GUPnP project and published some pictures of my UI (I am hoping to see it tomorrow *if* Stefan remembers to bring it to office). That resulted in at least one person getting interested in our project. AFAIK, everything worked out of the box on his Fedora Core 6 but he was unable to see anything in any of the client-side tools. After a few mails and some help from Christian , it turned out to be the default firewall settings on fedora.

London trip

Since my sister was staying at London for a few days on her way back from Pakistan to Canada, I arrived at London around the same time to meet her and her family after 4 years or so. I hung around with her family and some relatives of my brother-in-law for the first 3 days in London and Oxford. The last day, I spent at Cambridge. Mostly it was nice and fun but there were some things that just didn't seem right. It was quite hard to adapt to the "separate water taps for hot and cold water" system of theirs and the fact that you hardly get any water out of the shower when you want warm rather than cold water. I wonder why they take 90€ for a visit visa. Also! I thought Ansku was over-exaggerating when she used to tell me that pubs in Britain close at 11pm but to my surprise We were kicked out of the pub in Cambridge before we could finish our first pint. Err.. Then people say why would someone want to move to Finland.

New Job

From the start of 2008, I've been promoted to the role of Lead Developer/Architect in a new team (same organisation, same company). Although I need to prove myself before this appointment is made permanent, I am hoping I'll make it through.

X-mas fun

I spent this X-mas with Ansku and her family. I never had such a fun X-mas ever.

Divide and Conquer

As some of you might have noticed, I've started to divide each one of my blog entries into multiple logical entries. This is to allow the readers of my blog to be able to filter my blog better. For example, some reader might be interesting in my opinion on UPnP but not on the death of Benazir Bhutto.