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GUPnP 0.12.7 released

GUPnP 0.12.7 released. Changes in this release: - Chain up dispose and finalize in GUPnPDeviceInfo - Use a dedicated SoupSession for event handling - Fix device icon fallback logic - Fix user agent string - Sanity check UDN while parsing Download source tarball from: Contributors to this release: Sven Neumann Ross Burton Zeeshan Ali

GUPnP on windows

I have been asked several times in the past if gupnp is portable enough. I always told them that I don't know for sure but the only problem i see is the low-level networking bits. Nobody really showed interest in actually trying it out on windows but then came Jens Georg. He managed to make gupnp stack and network-light working on windows within a weekend, despite the fact that some of his hours were wasted due to firewalls being enabled after a reboot and him forgetting about it. He has a small video of network-light running nicely on win32 on his blog .

My first Javascript app

Last night I tried to make a small app/script in javascript (gjs) and it actually worked. :) Here is the code: const GLib =; const GUPnP =; const Mainloop = imports.mainloop; // This doesn't start any threads GLib.thread_init (null); let context = new GUPnP.Context ({ main_context: null, host_ip: null, port: 0 }); let cp = new GUPnP.ControlPoint ({ client: context, target: "ssdp:all" }); function onDeviceProxyAvailable (cp, proxy) { log (proxy.get_friendly_name ()); } // Tell us when there is a new device available cp.connect ("device-proxy-available", onDeviceProxyAvailable); // Search and listen for UPnP resources on the network cp.set_active (true); ("0");

GUPnP AV 0.4 and GUPnP Vala 0.5.4 released

GUPnP AV 0.4 released. New in this release: - Watch for empty DIDL-Lite nodes. - Escape the URIs before putting them into DIDL-Lite XML. - The '.' must be omitted from duration if fraction part is not included. - Be more lenient when parsing DIDL-Lite XML fragments. - Don't require the DLNA profile string. - Try to guess the DLNA Profile if not provided and put "*" in the whole 4th field of protocolInfo if our guess work fails. - Make sure 4th field of protocolInfo is completely in compliance with DLNA guidelines. This only implies one change in the API: enum dlna_play_speed is replaced by play_speeds, a GList of allowed play speeds as strings. - Use '1' and '0' to express boolean properties in DIDL-Lite XML. - Other minor fixes. All contributors to this release: Henrique Ferreiro García Peter Christensen Sven Neumann Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) Download from here: gupnp-av/gupnp-av-0.4.tar.gz -----------------------------