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Rygel needs your help!

While it is a well known fact that Rygel is as awesome as this new Intrepid class ship of mine in Star Trek Online unfortunately its preferences UI looks as ugly as this Apart from being ugly, it also doesn't really integrate well in GNOME as there is already a UI that lets you easily specify your file sharing preferences: gnome-user-share. I had some discussions with Bastien on how to fix this and we had agreed on a plan to kill this UI while merging the relevant parts of it into gnome-user-share in July 2010: Rygel: always starts as part of the session. times-out and exits if there is nothing to share. (MediaExport backend) doesn't share anything by default. gnome-user-share uses the MediaExport's DBus API to add/remove folders. While the Rygel parts are mostly in place, Bastien (being a very busy developer) didn't manage to get any time to do the gnome-user-share part and neither did I. :( GNOME 3.0 is happening very soon and Rygel might not get i