Rygel 0.2.2 is out

Changes since 0.2:

- Use the new (0.6.9) Tracker API.
- Priority of gio-based streams are based on requested DLNA transfer mode.
- GIO-based/like asynchronous plugin API.
- Adapt to latest changes in gupnp-vala API.
- Serialization of media objects isn't done by media objects themselves anymore, but by a new separate class, Rygel.DIDLLiteWriter.
- Internal API is marked 'internal' so it doesn't get to our (Vala) API.
- MediaObject now derives from GLib.Object.
- Generic AsyncResult implementation, SimpleAsyncResult.
- StateMachine interface that all state machines classes implement.
- Visible performance improvements in Tracker plugin by proper use of Tracker APIs.
- Use Filename.to_string() and therefore make Bastien happy.
- Require lastest version (0.1.5) of libgee to use List.slice().
- Don't limit the number of objects returned to a client, let it decide that on it's own.
- Proper handling of update notification to the client by use of a very simple bubble-up mechanism for containers to signal updates.
- Decrease needed gconf version to 2.16.
- Set application name and therefore make Lennart happy.
- Require latest version of vala (0.5.7) and gupnp-vala (0.5.3).
- Allow multiple URIs for each media items.
- Response for seekable media request is now sent buffer by buffer so the whole file is not put into memory.
- Some improvements to build system.
- Lots of other improvements and bugfixes.

Download source tarball from here:

Rygel is an implementation of the UPnP MediaServer V 2.0 specification
that is specifically designed for GNOME (Mobile). It is based on
GUPnP and is written (mostly) in Vala language. Project was
previously known as gupnp-media-server.

More info at: http://live.gnome.org/Rygel


Anonymous said…
I am hell of a happy man now!
Anonymous said…

have you considered putting up an ubuntu ppa for rygel for us less adventurous souls?

zeenix said…
have you considered putting up an ubuntu ppa for rygel for us less adventurous souls?

I must admit, I didn't know about Ubunutu PPA until you told me. I had a quick look and seems like a cool thing. I'll try out later.

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