Moving to Berlin

I have been meaning to document my experience of moving to Berlin, mainly to help people who are considering to move or are about to move. However I'm lazy and unless I'm paid to do so, I just won't get around to doing that so instead of ending up posting nothing, I'll just quickly list all the advice I have here:

  • Don't actually order any services through check24 website. Only use them to compare prices etc.
  • Avoid Vodafone for broadband connection. Follow this thread for why.
  • Consider using an online bank, like N26.
  • For your Anmeldung,
    • go to Bürgeramt in Neukölln or Kreuzberg (unless you speak German).
    • book appointment around noon or be prepared to wait a month.
  • Make sure you have local friends who speak German and are willing to help you out. Many locals will tell you that you don't need German in Berlin but that is simply not true.
  • Either consider hiring an estate agent or make sure your temporary residence allows you to register on their address.
  • Related to above, you don't have to pay deposit upfront if you use EuroKaution service.
  • Consider the after 10am monthly travel pass if you don't commute to work before that time.


Farah Nadeem said…
Thanks for sharing your moving experience, very helpful information as I am thinking to go to Germany

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